Bryana Conway helped me find my new home.

I currently live in Texas and was ready to start the next chapter of life – in Costa Rica and was referred to Bryana. I have bought and sold over 20 houses in my life and have never had such a good experience with a Realtor. Buying a house in another country can be a scary experience, however, she held my hand through the process and was always available and kept me in the loop as things progressed. She was also a great resource for me in all things Costa Rica. She has an excellent work ethic and a superb sense of style. I highly recommend her expertise when you are in need of a great realtor.

Nancy Webb

Bryana Conway's Unique Approach to Real Estate Sales in Atenas

I came across Bryana Conway on social media through her advertisement on a home I was interested in Atenas. I contacted her due to the type of properties she had displayed in her Instagram - all seemed very well picked. I liked that she focused on quality properties, and unlike many other realtors, not just whatever they came through. This gave me great confidence that my house was going to be sold. Once meeting her and going through all the data to upload my house I knew I was working with the right person. Since she is also a designer and decorator, she helped me stage my house to prep it for sale. No one does this in Costa Rica! After my house went live on her social media it took days to start seeing interested parties coming to view the house. In a matter of a few prospects, we had an offer on the table. It took us from offer to closing less than two weeks. Bryana took care of all the details for the closing; escrow, contracts, deposits, lawyers, etc. This was my first time so it took the guessing and delays from out of the equation. She was very helpful and professional on both sides. She also negotiated for the buying party things she thought were fair for them. This made all the negotiations flow and all parties come to the table feeling like they won. All-in-all a great experience and would recommend her with my eyes closed to anyone. Nothing like working with someone who's as professional as she is. Thank you for all of your help and getting my house sold when no one else could.

Patrick Guerra

Bryana was more than just a realto

When we first envisioned our dream home in Costa Rica, we had a vague idea of what we wanted, but we weren't sure how to make it a reality. That's where Bryana came in. Bryana was more than just a realtor—she was also a designer and builder. She showed us a variety of places, and instead of going the easy route and picking a finished house that wouldn’t be exactly what we wanted, she showed us what was possible with a place that had a bare-bones structure on a great piece of property. She then took the time to listen to our ideas to understand our tastes and how we wanted to use the place to create a rendition of what the house might look like. When she showed us a 3D video concept, it was like she got into our heads to pull out a vision we could barely imagine, let alone put into words. I thought if the final version looked 80% as good as that, I’d be thrilled. When the house was finished, it was 150% as good. Bryana's commitment to our project didn’t end with the completion of the structure. She continued to work with us, infusing the house with her interior design expertise and artistic flair. Her dedication to the project was evident in every detail, making our house truly feel like a home. When friends ask how we built this amazing place in Costa Rica, I tell them it was all down to this ‘Magic Lady’. Bryana is creative, detail-oriented, and passionate about her work. She went above and beyond to make sure that our dream home became a reality. We highly recommend Bryana to anyone who is looking to build or buy a home in Costa Rica. She is the best in the business!

Steve & Yvonne Faulkner

Bryanna Conway's Unmatched Professionalism and Dedication

After working for over fifty years in the construction industry, you know you have found a winner when you meet someone who is honest, reliable, and ethical in all their business dealings. Bryanna Conway is one of those few people who can garner such praise from me. During the construction of our new home, Bryanna's assistance was invaluable. Introduced to us by our architect, her professionalism, construction knowledge, and swift action in sourcing interior finishes were immediately apparent. She guided us in selecting interior tiles, introduced us to a skilled cabinetmaker, discussed countertop options, and promptly ordered all bathroom and kitchen fittings within days of our collaboration. The builder had led us to believe all these items would be needed within the next four months, so ordering the materials was crucial to meeting the contractual completion date. Two months later, however, it became clear that the builder had no intention of meeting the contractual date. Bryanna worked with the suppliers to change the planned dates for their work and assisted us in placing new orders for materials the builder had failed to order per their contract. With Bryanna’s help, we eventually managed to move into the house eight months later than planned, even though there were incomplete items and deviations from the approved design. Bryanna brought in her construction crews and completed and corrected all the issues. We have complete faith in Bryanna's abilities. We would confidently entrust her with designing a property, managing the construction to move-in condition, landscaping the yard, and then maintaining the finished home. Her professionalism and dedication are unmatched.

Marilyn and Peter Crossland

There is no one sharper, kinder, more generous, smarter or tell-it-like it is than Bryana Conway

There is no one sharper, kinder, more generous, smarter or tell-it-like it is than Bryana Conway in the Costa Rican real estate market. Having done deals here for years, it is a welcome relief to have Bryana on your team. Not only will she strategize, negotiate and execute on your behalf, but then she’ll support your vision and design to make you feel at home, and at ease. Resourceful, compassionate, relentless and focused, I couldn’t more highly recommend her to you for real estate and interior design needs.

Steve & Yvonne Faulkner - Atenas Costa Rica

She possess 3 qualities that set her apart

I wanted to share our experience of working with Bryana, both as our real estate agent and the designer for the remodel of the house we purchased. She possess 3 qualities that set her apart: 1. Our vision was important to her. I spoke with several realtors before deciding to work with Bryana, and I immediately noticed that she spent more time than others trying to understand what was truly important to us and the kind of life we wanted to live in our new home. We knew that we were unlikely to find something that was already exactly what we wanted, but Bryana helped us look for a place that could become just that. The house we bought had sat on the market for years. Initially, my wife didn’t even want to look at the property. But Bryana was able to describe the potential of the house in a way that resonated with her. 2. She balances beauty with practicality. During the remodel, Bryana showcased her exceptional talent as a designer who blends stylish aesthetics with smart, value-adding improvements. Thanks to her, we now not only have a stunning home but also a valuable investment. She has a unique talent for seeing the potential in a property and bringing it to life in a way that enhances both its beauty and worth. 3. She is fully committed to her clients. Bryana has an unwavering tenacity in doing what’s best for her clients. She listened to our needs and desires with genuine interest and worked tirelessly to meet them. Her integrity and transparency throughout the buying and remodel process made us feel supported and assured that our best interests were always her top priority. I’ve since referred two friends to Bryana to sell their houses. While other agents passively posted the listings on their website and waited, Bryana hustled and found quality buyers. She gets things done!

Mark Bradford